Essential Information

Rental Requirements: All renters must be able to provide the following:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Passport copy with visa page
  • Authorized credit card

Note: A credit card imprint will be taken and security amounts will blocked upon pick-up of the vehicle as a security.

Age: Renters must be 21 years old at the time of rental.

Driving license: All drivers must carry a locally accepted driving license. Visitors are encouraged to have an International drivers license prior from arrival to Nigeria.

Fuel:The Hirer should return the vehicle with the same fuel level as given. If not, the hirer will be charged the cost of fuel plus a service charge.

Accidents: In the occurrence of accident or damage on the vehicle, you must notify the police. A police report is mandatory is such cases otherwise you will be held responsible for the entire cost of damage on the vehicle.

Insurance Excess: The customer will be responsible to settle the Insurance Excess or deductible amount listed on the Vehicle Hire Agreement in the event of any damage or loss (including fire and theft) caused to the vehicle provided it is used, operated or driven in conformity with the Vehicle Hire Agreement. A valid police report is mandatory.

Personal Accident Insurance to add more security on your driving, we also offer Personal Accident Insurance, this can purchased at an additional cost which covers the driver and the passengers.*Conditions Apply

Hit and Run Policy: : In case the renter meets an accident and booked by police under a hit and run report, irrespective of being culpable for his offence, he has to pay for damages on the Vehicle Hire Agreement. However, police report is a must.

Additional Drivers: The hirer may put on an extra driver with additional cost, provided that he fulfills all necessary requirements.

Traffic violations: Drivers are expected to abide with the traffic rules and regulations. For every traffic fine incurred you will be charged 10% extra to cover administration charges.

Delivery & Collection: Not to put you through inconvenience we can deliver and collect vehicles right at your doorsteps for a mild charge.

Payments: Clients have the option to pay in cash or credit for their rental. (Note: Credit card is still required for security). Debit cards are are also accepted as a security.

Airport Charges: All vehicles off hired in our airport counters will be charged an airport parking fees. If you wish to avoid these parking fees, rented vehicles can be returned to our main location between 0800H to 1700H (Monday to Sunday).